enterprise chatbot use cases

If you visit a Singapore government website in the near future, chances are you’ll be using a chatbot to access the services you need, as part of the country’s Smart Nation initiative. Conversational AI chatbots can handle open-ended questions and advanced queries. This type of technology generates the most natural and human-sounding responses. Finally, if you decide to build your own chatbot, we have a comprehensive, up-to-date list of all chatbot platforms and voice bot platforms so your company can build its own conversation AI system. While some platforms require technical skills, others can be tackled by non-coders. Processing exchanges and refunds can be a menial and repetitive task for customer service employees.

enterprise chatbot use cases

To the average user, this works as a deterrent with respect to chatbot adoption, where they have to think twice (or many times) to ensure that they are asking the right questions. Chatbots are being widely used across different business functions and are augmenting customer experience. With advances in technology, bots will only get more competent and open new avenues to streamline customer communications. Chatbots are a great addition to any bank or finance institute that prioritizes customer service inclined towards digital interactions. Chatbots play an essential role in providing more reliable and quicker customer support and keeping the customers up-to-date about the delivery status of their purchases.

Top 10 AI Platform Use Cases For the Enterprise

The restriction is however scalability of the features; the scalability is limited to the service provider. The platforms are however tailored to specific needs and can be scalable to different features as needed. With the above framework, enterprises can achieve the best suited cognitive assistants for each use case. This could leave the enterprise with high-performing bots with multiple technology products and platforms. The critical component of any new technology adoption is dependent on change management.

The platforms can also improve customer intent identification, summarize conversations, answer customer questions, and direct customers to resources. Doing this requires enterprise context, service descriptions, permissions, business logic, formality of tone, and even brand tone, which would need to be added to the GPT-3 language model. Both ChatGPT and GPT-3 (which stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer) are machine learning language models trained by OpenAI, a San Francisco-based research lab and company. While both ChatGPT and GPT-3 can can produce human-like text responses to queries, they are not equal in sophistication. H&M, a fashion retailer, implemented a chatbot to assist customers with product information, order tracking, and providing personalized recommendations. The chatbot has improved customer satisfaction and reduced the workload for customer service agents.

Enterprise Chatbots: Business Helpers at Work

Use chatbots to send engaging surveys that will collect the required information from your workers in the form of regular conversation. You can also use a chatbot to gather insights and feedback about a specific employee before his performance review to understand his results better. A chatbot can ask your employees questions, analyze responses, and send you a structured report with collected data. To improve CX and understand customer intent, getting an enterprise chatbot solution for any company is a must.

Breaking Enterprise Silos and Improving Protection – SecurityWeek

Breaking Enterprise Silos and Improving Protection.

Posted: Wed, 31 May 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Chatbots help customers make bookings, gain more information about hotel services, travel packages, and inquire about offers and deals. From check-in to several concierge services such as booking restaurants to activity reservations, chatbots can seamlessly assist customers. According to the InformationWeek IT Resource Drain Study, 58% of organizations state that their team dedicates more than five hours per week to handling repetitive IT requests.

Make it easy to reach a human agent

Chatbots like Healthily prevent patients from waiting in long queues or relying on phone calls to consult doctors. With the ongoing pandemic, chatbots are making patients feel less anxious about seeking medical care. Browsing through the website of a multispecialty hospital and sifting through the different specialties and doctors can be daunting.

Here, the train booking system which is a third-party entity is a highly scalable system that can withstand thousands of users at a time. One way to reduce this massive time frame is to plan your enterprise chatbot development phase wise. You can define several phases in which the entire development would be completed.

Chatbot Uses Cases for Support

Chatbots help businesses in asking contextually relevant questions, qualify leads, and book sales meetings, at scale. Bots convert 4x higher than traditional lead generation tools because people prefer conversations. So, engage with your visitors 24×7, to interact, and generate more leads.

enterprise chatbot use cases

The company hires a large number of field workers and turnover is high and a learning curve for new employees to use the mobile app making field service management very costly. It makes things easy and time efficient for the field services people. New workers may not know who to call or contact and managers may be busy. To effectively control bot interactions, a business will need to integrate its chatbot solution with its customer service software.

Don’t miss any great idea from your employees

This way, you’ll know if your products and services match the clients’ expectations. Also, you can learn if your clients are satisfied with your customer service. You don’t have to employ people from different parts of the world or pay overtime for your agents to work nights anymore. When your customer service representatives are unavailable, the chatbot will take over.

enterprise chatbot use cases

This chatbot helps people evaluate their reasons for being depressed and creates session rooms where people can talk about their problems openly. The chatbot recommends different meditation and relaxation techniques to help people overcome anxiety episodes based on the session. Context-enabled chatbots can send visitors to the right product pages as well. After understanding what the visitor came looking for, your chatbot can share links to the right product pages to reduce visitor efforts. There are multiple areas in the support process where a chatbot can prove to be useful for a business. In this section, we will cover some of those common chatbot use cases in the support process.

What is an AI Chatbot?

This offers a superior level of service to customers compared to the variation you might get from a team of agents who are all approaching problems in different ways. Rather than having to wait around in long queues, customers can gain instant answers from ChatGPT which are certainly faster than those that could be obtained from a human agent. ChatGPT can then achieve faster resolution times through the application of AI technology that has the ability to help customers. When customers post reviews about your business’s customer service online, ChatGPT could be trained to respond to those reviews appropriately so that reviews never go unanswered. Much like a human customer service agent would deal with reviews, ChatGPT can thank customers for their contributions or apologize for mistakes.

Cloudera Charts A Path Toward Responsible AI At Scale – Forbes

Cloudera Charts A Path Toward Responsible AI At Scale.

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The Master Child Architecture has a master chatbot intelligent enough to triage the user query and intent with enhanced NLU capabilities but does not execute the process. The child bot is built for that specific purpose and executes the process. The enterprises should start small but should keep an eye on the future.

WhatsApp Chatbot in UAE: Top 4 Vendors

But, you should remember that bots are an addition to the mental health professionals, not a replacement for them. But if the bot recognizes that the symptoms could mean a something serious, they can encourage the patient to see a doctor for some check-ups. The chatbot can also book an appointment for the patient straight from the chat. Imagine that a patient has some unusual symptoms and doesn’t know what’s wrong. Before they panic or call in to have a visit with you, they can go on your app and ask the chatbot for medical assistance. This is one of the chatbot healthcare use cases that makes serves the patient and makes the processes easier for them.


H&M, the renowned clothing brand built a chatbot that asks users questions about their style and offers photo options for users to choose from. The collected information is used by the bot to create a fashion profile of an individual user to make clothing suggestions and help in direct purchases. Businesses that try to contact potential customers within an hour of receiving queries are nearly 7 times as likely to have meaningful conversations. If you want your qualified leads to end up making a sale, you need to nurture them based on their journey.

enterprise chatbot use cases

Inherent limitations include the potential misunderstanding of misspelled words, potentially generating user dissatisfaction. A central self-service HR portal was introduced metadialog.com to assist employees with accessing HR information all in one place. Despite this, employees preferred to email HR, to avoid time traversing through the portal menus.


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